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What Is Mindful Eating?

What Is Mindful Eating?

Can mindful eating help you reach your weight loss goals? It might not be enough on its own, but it can be a valuable component to your weight loss plan that will bring you closer to your ideal weight.
Living Your Best Life: The Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Living Your Best Life: The Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Could it be an option for you? Here’s what you need to know about medical weight loss and how you can determine your eligibility.
  • Drew Huffman

5 Unexpected Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Here are five unexpected benefits of weight loss surgery:

How to Recover Quickly After Weight Loss Surgery

The road to weight loss is never an easy one. Weight loss surgery can be a tremendous help, and with proper lifestyle changes, you can experience significant changes!

Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery: What You Need to Know

If you follow these tips, weight loss surgery doesn’t have to be such a difficult experience.

The Basics of Losing Weight The Healthy Way

Weight loss is a long process that requires careful planning, discipline and a lot of patience. 

Many people pick up unhealthy habits all in the name of shedding excess weight only to end up where they started.

Medical Weight Loss Products

AmBari Nutrition Products were originally designed and created for Medical Weight Loss.

Bariatric Patients

A very large percentage of our customers are weight loss surgery patients. Bariatric patients know that protein becomes a main factor in their diet after surgery, and protein is the main ingredient in almost all of our products.

Who Uses AmBari Products

Medical Weight Loss, Athletes, and Bariatric Patients.
  • James Young

Bariatric Diet Phases After Surgery

Here are the typical bariatric post-op phases and the foods that can be consumed during each phase.

What Constitutes A High-Protein Diet?

The entire diet is based on the fact that high-protein intake reduces hunger and cravings. Additionally, protein intake has been found to encourage the body in burning fat, while increasing muscle mass.