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Peaches & Cream Oatmeal

This is my favourite oatmeal flavour. So welcoming in the morning.

My favorite bar! Tastes just like the Profile bar but much cheaper.

Great tasting cool mint and chocolate bar. One of my favorites. If you like peppermint patties, you will love this bar!

Baricare Chocolate Shake

Good shake, mixed well in my blender bottle. A little larger than the regular AmBari protein shakes.


Remind me of the green Kool-aid. I found it to taste very good and has a sweet flavor to it. Kind of a nice treat in the afternoon at work when you are limiting your carbs.

One of my favorite

This Summer I have been adding fresh fruit to the pudding mixture, along with a little ff whipped topping. To me this is a real treat.

Great Coffee

I really like this coffee. It does not have a bitter aftertaste. Don't like to drink any other coffee after having this one.

I LOVE these bars.

Every month most of my bar order is this bar. I have tried several kinds that are offered and this is one of my favorite. It is hard to eat just one a day.

Not my favorite

I got a box of these and had a hard time using them up. Have not got a box since then.

This is ok but not my favorite

When I want something different I will get this, but not my favorite.

One of mu favorite snacks

When you want something to munch on, but don't want to blow your diet, this it the snack I turn to. I like the Ranch and the Barbecue flavors.

Crunchy Beans

I love chili, however the beans always stayed crunchy. Better choice was the sloppy joe.

High Protein-Low Flavor

It's tough to make oatmeal taste good. Nice to know I'm getting a high amount of protein, though the taste of oatmeal is lacking.

Jury's Out

The jury is out on this item. The taste is interesting, not what I expected, but it grows on you. I'll need to keep trying it to see if it's worth the calories.


I was surprised at how hot this item is. Great flavor and guilt free. What more would one ask.

Good choice

It's nice to see new flavors and sample pack that includes more than the basic vanilla and chocolate.


Vanilla is a traditional standby and this one does not disappoint. Always a good choice!

Not Sure

I'm not sure on how I like Almond Coconut Bar. I love coconut and one may never go wrong with almond. I prefer a a chewy texture and this one is a bit too light to satisfy.


This is an extremely easy way of packing a lunch. Toss it into your bag and head out the door knowing that you have 15 grams of healthy protein for lunch. Remember to grab your veggies to complement your entree!


These are by far my FAVORITE! Lots of texture & taste. Chewy and guilt free!


Lots of crunch for those who like to munch! Guilt free!!!

great taste

I was surprised at the great taste. A hint of coffee. Yum! Great way to start the day!

Good Crunch

I love to munch on items that have crunch so Double Potato Bites is a guilty free pleasure. Besides crunching, I get filled up due to the 10 grams of protein.

Helps with cravings

Love this bars specially at night when you have sweet cravings


Help with cravings