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Amaretto Hot Chocolate

Delicious was a nice change to have for lunch instead of a shake. Will buy again.


Received this as a sample and thought what the heck am I going to do with this. Mixed with water and drank and was surprised at how delicious it tasted. Probably would be great as a hot drink also. Never would have ordered this one on my own. Thanks for the sample.

Lemon Raspberry Shake

I was surprised at how delicious this shake was. No gritty or aftertaste that I was expecting and was surprisingly delicious. Such a nice alternative to chocolate all the time.

Vanilla Shortbread Bar

Taste like a sugar cookie. Normally a chocolate fan and these are delicious.

Sampler Pack

Loved the variety and getting to try before buying a full box of bars. Not a bad one in the box.

Cookies N' Cream Shake

I received this shake/pudding as a free gift on my last order. Don't order it! It is runny and lumpy. I tried everything (less water, cold water, hot water, freezing it...) and ended up throwing the whole box away. Sorry Ambari! I normally like all of your products and I do appreciate the free samples.


I received this as a sample and its one of my favorite tastes like chocolate salted caramels

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

I received this hot chocolate as a sample and let me tell you it is so Delicious it has the right amount of cinnamon in it

These are quite tasty!

I must be a pretzel girl because I think all the pretzel related products here are good. Maybe it’s the salty balancing the sweet. The crunch is an added bonus! I take these bars in my backpack while hiking and they make a great snack. Also good with my mid-day coffee!

I wanted to like these but just didn’t

I love wafer style cookies and lemon, so I really was excited about these bars. But I didn’t like them at all. They taste very “fake” and I’m not sure if it’s the sugar substitute or what. I just can’t eat these at all. Maybe I’ll get a sample of the other flavors in a future shipment and they will taste better.

These are my go to

I love these bars because they are nice and chew and really satisfy my sweet tooth. I take them hiking because they fill me up without all the sugar. I prefer these protein bars over the store bought bars hands down. The flavor is very nice too.


I really Liked these! Just the amount of sweet. Pop this in the microwave for just a few seconds to warm up. Delicious!

Not for me

I was really excited to order these.... was very disappointed. I felt like I had a mouth full of very crunchy wood shavings. Definitely wont order again.

Great Taste

Got some packages of jump start as samples and they were all very good!

Great for ice fishing

It's awesome! This and chilli for a hot soup during ice fishing. Its awesome.

Great for ice fishing

I go ice fishing and put this tasty soup in a thermos. Its awesome!


This shake tastes okay, my preference is the chocolate shake. Easy to add items to this one if you want though.


Good flavor- like this as summer option so it won’t melt like chocolate bars.

Strong flavor

This was a very strong flavor. Had to mix it with plain chocolate to drink or eat as pudding.


Yummy flavor- makes great pudding!


Dark chocolate and a little thicker than milk chocolate shake.


This is the best shake. Great flavor!


Great taste!

I love these! All of them have great flavor!

Love this bar! It’s one of my favorites!