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Chocolate cake!

My favorite dessert!

Great as a pudding!

We love these made as pudding!

My Husband's Fav!

Chewy and great!

Awesome bars!

These are great bars! My favorite.

Chocolate Cake

I absolutely LOVE the chocolate cake. I do add in a bit of vanilla with it and put a dollop of lite cool whip on top. So Delicious

Chocolate Mint

I think the mint shakes are probably my favorite. Nice soft mint flavor with the chocolate...who can beat that?

Milk Chocolate Shake

I do enjoy the soft chocolate of the milk chocolate shakes. I sometimes add in powdered peanut butter too. So tasty

Everything is great! Love how fast it arrives!

Brownie Shake

Love this dark chocolate brownie protien shake


serves the purpose

Great product

Great vitamins! They are pleasant tasting and don’t make me nauseated when I take them, unlike my previous ones. Will definitely continue using this product.

This one not bad

My favorite

This one is too sweet

Everything was pretty good.

Deceptive Picture I ordered Health Wise Nature Trim away

I ordered Health Wise Nature Trim away and you sent something totally different. I will be returning it.

Pretty good

I like these better than a lot of the bars that I have tried


These are the best bars, in my opinion. I highly recommend them


I'm still unsure if this product is working, as I don't have a point of comparison

Shake things up

This shake is great for "shaking up" my routine and having something different

Great bottle!

I ordered both the 20 oz and 28 oz. Both are great for different products! I prefer to have the smaller one for most of my shakes, as it feels somewhat wasteful to have a huge container with a tiny shake in it

Cake is Great!

I'm not a fan of real chocolate cake. This cake I like though. It's spongey like cake and the flavor isn't overpowering. I top with a little PB2 mixed with some fat free whipped topping and it tastes like a peanut butter cup. So good!

Love this drink!

The grape drink is great! Super light and refreshing.