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Only liked 3

I had to throw away a couple of these (the cheddar bites and pizza bites) due to lack of flavor, and only somewhat liked the BBQ crunch O's, the cinna chocolate crunches (I'd buy these again), and the chocolate minis. I recommend to anyone getting this one time just to try a variety out, but I didn't find the value to be good since I didn't like so many of them.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I was really looking forward to this product as I love pumpkin spice. It smells great, but it tastes horrible. No matter how I've tried to mix this it also does not mix up well. I have to choke this one down.

It's ok

I received this as a sample. It's ok for a change

Really Good

This taste like homemade hot chocolate. i will be getting it again.

Try something else

I received this as a sample-I will not be purchase this item. I do like pumpkin type items-but not this one. It does not mix well at all.

Good substitute for OJ

I like to have this instead of OJ and get the added benefits of less calories and more protein.


Don't recommend blending, gets foamy! Shake in bottle with extra water and ice. (Too strong with recommended water amount I thought.)

Not my favorite...

I did not care for this as a stand alone shake. If you were adding it to yogurt/fruit it might be great.

Not my favorite...

I like peanut butter a lot... but this bar was not for me. Got as a sample thankfully as I did not like it.


They were pretty good, not my favorite but good. More artificial flavoring taste than some.


I thought these were good bars. I didn't really think they highlighted a "wafer" treat, but they were good. Will get again.


This is by far my favorite bar out of all of the selections. I highly recommend this one.


This was a great way to try out several flavors to see what I liked best! I am glad I tried variety pack, because some flavors I love I maybe would not have bought a box without trying this way first.


Great shake! Prefer the dark chocolate at times to the sweeter milk chocolate.


I like hazelnut... but this was very strong with hazelnut flavor! I think it would be better as a hot chocolate than a cold shake. Or, I think I might mix half of this with plain chocolate to make it better.

Did not care for

Recommended by friend, but I did not care for. More artificial tasting than most bars. I prefer some of the chocolate bars for an afternoon treat.

Pretty good

This is not my favorite bar, but a nice change of pace. I thought it was pretty good.

Didn't care for it

I tried this in a variety pack and will not purchase additional raspberry flavored ones. I have others that I liked much more!

Great drink!

Love this hot chocolate!! This is a yummy, chocolate treat during the winter. Tried it in a variety pack and just bought 2 boxes!

So good!

I got this in a variety pack and didn't think I would like it. It was wonderful! Will buy a box for sure!

Creamy Cheese

This has a great texture and taste. I could have this every day and be happy. The downside is this is a very pricey item. Only three packets to a box so this will become a treat when it is on sale.

My new favorite hot drink

This is sweet and has a very nice raspberry flavor. One of my favorites!


These bars are just like Peanut Butter cups!! Great treat!

This tastes like a Zero Bar!!

I guess I'm showing my age, but my favorite candy bar when I was a teenager was the Zero bar...haven't had one since I was a teen...a VERY long time ago, but OMG, this tastes just like it! I absolutely LOVE these bars...tasty, filling, and very satisfying!

Raspberry Hy chicolate

I wish I got more than one box! It's my absolute favorite meal replacement. It's a great way to start a winter day...tasty and warm!