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Gotta love coffee!

Such a great coffee taste that serves PERFECTLY as a coffee creamer. Similar to the Mocha shake, but a stronger coffee flavor. Just wonderful!

My favorite!

My favorite product as it tastes wonderful as a coffee creamer! It tastes like you are cheating on your diet. Awesome!


Good flavor and afternoon treat!


This is by far the best bar! Love the flavor!


Order each month - great bar!


Reminds me of a candy bar - tasty!

will not buy again

someone said it perfect, the hazelnut is way stronger than the chocolate... odd balance.


Great shake - not too strong of mint.

Best shake

This is my go to favorite!


Great dark chocolate flavor!


This is a nice warm treat in the winter. My fav!


This is not my favorite as a plain shake in blender bottle, but like if I use mixer or turn into pudding.

If you like chocolate milk, you’ll like this!

Tastes just like chocolate milk!

Super yummy!

I LOVE these!!! They are so yummy!

Just the right amount of mint!

Good flavor! Will continue to buy!


This is probably my favorite shake out of all of them! Will continue to stock my cupboard!

Vanilla Wafer

I got the vanilla wafer as a sample and it is so tasty! No aftertaste.

My favorite bars

I first bought these at MWLC when i was going through the plan a year ago, i always looked forward to my protein bar time.
I am currently in my maintenance phase of my program (lost 38lbs and maintaining) so even though i don't need these items i still order some products when I am trying to stay away from bad snacks.

A nice sweet treat!

Great taste! It satisfied my sweet tooth for only 90 calories!


This shake did not dissolve well into a shake with cold water. Did not mix or dissolve well in coffee. Did not become creamy like a pudding. Not reordering this one.

Good flavor

I liked this cookie. Great dipped in coffee.


This shake did not dissolve well. I tried in hot water, cold water & tepid water. Very clumpy. Oddly, it smells amazing, but the flavor was weal.

Snack Variety Pack

My favs were the BBQ Crunch O's and the Cinna Crunch 'n Chocolate. The Party Mix Tasty Bites were pretty good too. I wished they would offer the Cinna Crunch 'n Chocolate by itself.

Another one if my favorites!

This bar is tastes just like shortbread! Wonderful texture, delicious and satisfies my craving for something sweet.

Best bar ever!

LOVE this bar! This is my “go to bar” when I’m craving something sweet. It’s like eating a candy bar without the guilt!