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Lemon Creme Pudding
Marsha Pettinger
Lemon pudding

This is one of my favorites. Very tasty, fresh lemony flavor. I especially appreciate the pudding texture.

Not my favorite

I made it using my electric kettle while at work. It wouldn't dissolve. I will try making it on the stove. Hopefully it will taste better. It was very grainy!

Pretty good.

This is what I drink in the morning for my breakfast. I wish it had more Carmel and less chocolate. But it pretty good. It fills me up until lunch time.

Not my favorite

I am use to Profile chicken soup. I made it using my electric tea kettle while I was at work. It didn't want to dissolve. I think I will try making on the stove.


I always look forward to my 3 snack with these bars.

Best shake!

This shake is like eating a Butterfinger candy bar. It’s hard to believe it’s actually good for you.

This is a warm, delicious, treat!

The Chocolate Caramel Mug Cake is a wonderful treat! I cook it in the microwave for 40 seconds, and it a perfect blend of chocolate and caramel. I did not have a issue with the texture. I know if you over cook it, you will have that experience.

Banana Shake review

The Banana Shake is awesome, I use it to make smoothies with frozen fruit & water. I love them.


Choc mint was good, peanut caramel been melted and tasted old. I used Medi Fast a few years ago and thought that was what I was ordering. This product was definitely NOT Medi Fast.

Great flavor

It’s my favorite shake flavor! Love it

Lisa Reid
A staple

Love these pretzels. It’s a staple of my diet

Crunchy. Tasty

Good snack!

Love it

Good chocolate flavor to satisfy craving

So So

Reminded me of banana popsicles. Not a big fan.

Over Seven Years

My wife has been purchasing the Bariatric Advantage Shake in all flavors for over seven years now. Recommended by my Ru-Y Surgeon for a period of time. When I asked him if it would benefit me to continue indefinitely he advised it was a wonderful way to ensure proper vitamins each day (plus the vitamins ordered here). With my stomach not able to absorb the proper vitamins I need for brain function, I feel confident the combination of the Bariatric Advantage Shakes and Am Bari Multi Vitamin is healthy for me.

Pizza chips

I love these chips for a protein meal replacement for weight loss. However, these chips have been out of stock going on 3 years! What National product shortage is preventing you from producing this product? This is very disappointing and ridiculous!! Please respond to me as I have left my email address. Thanks.

Peanut Butter Bars

These were good. Just not a favorite. Doesn’t taste much like peanut butter to me.

Lemon Razzy Fruit Drink
Janice broyles

Good flavor

Great taste

Great taste

Bacon and Cheese Soup
Janice broyles

Really like this good taste

Hot Chocolate
Janice broyles

Taste great hot or cold

Grape Drink
Janice broyles

A little chalky


Love this shake! My favorite tastes like a real creamsicle

Coffee Shake
Denise Leinweber
Coffee bliss

Great way to get all the coffee flavor and satisfaction without the plain brewed cup.

Frosted Lemon Meringue
Patrice Stevens
Lemon Meringue Bars

Excellent! Best lemon protein bar. I’ve tried several and none compare to this one. Love the light lemon flavor & texture.