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I absolutely love this shake and it's my first flavor go to. It's the best of both worlds with chocolate and peanut butter.

Blueberry Mug Cake
Melanie Hill

This was very good as a quick mug cake, but as a waffle it was fantastic! Made as directed with just water, it was as good as restaurant waffles. Definitely recommend.

Lemonade Jump Start

It's all good but for one thing. After your ice melts and it warms a little it has the faint hint of vitamin pill. But definitely not a deal breaker.

Love these!

The protein wafer squares are great! They taste wonderful and are very filling. At first I thought they were too costly because there are only 5 in a box but they are large and filling enough to use one packet as two different snacks.

Love these!

These are my favorite bars! If I’m wanting something sweet like a candy bar I will eat one and it definitely does the trick ☺️

High Protein Brown Bread
Christine Polinsky

I love this bread !! And it’s the perfect amount to scratch that itch. Thank you for making this bread and selling it. This is a new forever staple in my pantry :)

If you like pumpkin, this is for you!

This shake is absolutely delicious!! If you are a pumpkin person, you will not regret getting this one. So good!

The best!

I love all of the shakes I have tried so far but this chocolate peanut butter shake, I literally crave! I make it with almond milk and it is absolutely amazing! Definitely recommend!

English Toffee Pudding
kelly robinson
Not my cup of tea at all

Not my cup of tea at all. Doesn't taste the least life toffee. Very disappointed in this one. I LOVE toffee stuff but not this at all.

Blender Bottle
hard to read on black bottle

I have the 20oz black bottle (it came in a bundle, and I did not chose this color) and it is very difficult to read the measurements. I actually measure my liquid with a measuring cup before pouring it into the blender to shake. Nice bottle, but don't get the black.

My favorite

Chewy Cinnamon bar. Great for a breakfast on the go.


These bars not only taste great it makes you feel like you are eating a candy bar. I have ordered these multiple times, they are so good! Just enough caramel and crunch for your taste buds to enjoy.

Gingerbread Mug Cake
Dyan K Paladino
Ultimate Comfort Taste

Yummy spicy gingerbread nixes the dessert cravings for me. Especially in the evening, its very comforting.


This pudding tastes so good! The lemon is just right, not too sweet and nice and thick. Sets up really well and is very filling.

Not a fan

These taste very strange and like a fake berry taste to me. The strawberry are much better.

Love these!

These taste just like chocolate milk!


These are good to have on hand if you need a breakfast to go and dont have time for a shake. They have a good flavor and resemble eating a frosted oatmeal cookie. They are on the small, thin side but are fine for breakfast or a snack.

Love, love, love!

These are one of my favorites and very filling!

Love, love, love!

These are amazing taste just like lemon ice box pie especially when kept in the refrigerator.


These have a bitter taste to me. I would by the frosted lemon meringue instead. They taste like lemon ice box pie and I keep them in the refrigerator. They are so good!

Not much flavor

I was disappointed in these. Not much taste and what taste there is does not taste like chocolate to me. I would buy chocolate caramel crisp instead.

Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Bar - VLC
Love these!

This is a lot like eating a rice krispie treat. They are very light but very filling. Excellent vanilla taste.

Not much flavor

I would spend my money on caramel crunch, fluffy vanilla crisp or peanut pretzel bar. Those are all amazing. These strawberry bars are dry and have a fake strawberry taste.

The best!

These bars taste just like a candy bar! They are one of the best bars there are. I am always sure I have an extra box on hand.


These chips have a gross texture and are very dry. You can't even taste the seasoning. Absolutely nothing even close to a potato chip.