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Banana bread bar

Bananas and chocolate, delicious!!


These are a delicious treat with no hint of being a diet food. Not enough protein to be a meal replacement, but excellent as a dessert or snack.


I’m sorry that I ordered two boxes. Amaretto is one of my favorite flavors, but this drink is nasty. It doesn’t taste anything like amaretto.

Finally cheesecake that is “good” for me

This tastes just like cheesecake! I added it to cream cheese and it made it the perfect texture too!

Yummy shake with ice.

With these hot summer days, what a great way to cool off with some crushed ice and a packet of amaretto chocolate. Blend in a blender and enjoy. Wish you would lower price or allow redeemable discount coupon on the payment screen. Thx.

Good enough!

I add some onion, diced tomato, and some fresh corn — and a few spices — you get you a tasty, hearty stew!

Tasty tasty tasty!

I could eat this 2-3 times/day. It’s filling, creamy, and the noodles are fantastic!

The flavor is delicious

Truly Terrible

I’ve found a number of great tasting and filling products here, but this is simply terrible; it is an unfortunate taste of artificial sweetener and artificial banana. It just tastes off.

Feels like I’m cheating!! So delicious!

Great pick me up


I have so far been impressed by this company and the products. The last order I received contained two boxes of peanut butter bars. Both boxes were melted completely. I thought about contacting the company as I am a fairly new customer but the fine print says that the company is not responsible for products melting. They conveniently offer boxes that (MAY) prevent melting for an added cost . These should be the responsibility of the company to cover the cost to prevent melting

A good change up

I’m a huge fan of vanilla, HOWEVER this chocolate salted caramel flavor is a great subtle change to shake things up a bit. Definitely recommend!

Best flavor and thickness

Love this shake. Mix with a few strawberries and ice. Makes a thick shake

Great product - excellent service company

This is a wonderful hot chocolate with just the right touch of cinnamon, but I drink it daily for a little extra protein mixed into my morning coffee. It gives my coffee that bit of chocolate and touch of cinnamon that makes it extra special every day. Give it a try - enjoy!

this is delicious!!

Lose the inches

Over all great for losing inches and fire when paired with EFA🔥

Fun Flavors

These have become my summer favorites! So refreshing and yummy!

No fish flavor

Great for skin and has no fishy after taste!

Light and fluffy

Light, fluffy and delicious...10 out of 10!


Absolutely delicious and satisfying

Satisfying and filling

Afternoon snack/meal with a cup of coffee. Decadent!

Perfect little treat to rnd the day!

My husband and I split with a piece of fruit. YUMMY!

Good base to add your flavor

Add cocoa powder on own or with almond or orange extract makes for a yummy satisfying shake.

Satisfying and filling

VERY good!