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Michelle DiSimone

I love this drink, did 4 ounces of water and 4 ounces of almond milk. Mixed it and added a dash of cinnamon and some ice, just heavenly!

Tasty Bites
After Taste

I ordered a box of these and I am not impressed. They leave my mouth with a weird after taste. I've tried the party and the pizza flavors-I would pass on both.

My Favorite

I mix some PB2 with this shake and it tastes amazing! Definitely my favorite and a great way to start my morning!

Tastes like a Candy Bar

These are so yummy! It kind of feels like you are cheating on your diet with this one. Tastes just like a candy bar!

Coffee Shake

This shake has caught me by surprise. I first tried it cold and was not happy with it, but one cold winter morning I used hot water and a dash of cinnamon. Every day for the last 20 months, (even took it with me out of the country on vacation) I have a Coffee shake for breakfast. I just placed another 30 box order to ensure I have it on hand for my morning wake-up.


I like this bar to mix it up. I usually buy chocolate based bars, so this one is good to throw in something different. I like the taste.


Caramel Nut bars are so yummy! It's one of my favorite bars.


I received one of these for my free sample last month. It was so delicious! The peanut butter flavor is so good, and now it's on my list to buy with my next order.

vanilla works as coffee creamer

This is my favorite shake ever! make the shake it with cool water, mix well add it into a cup of coffee taste great but smells odd so I add some ground nutmeg and a little vanilla extract (like the kind for backing).
If anyone else try this vanilla shake as a coffee creamer, let me know how you like it and if you have any other ideas/ tricks for the smell.

I miss my fresh fruity summer shakes , I was soo happy too see this burry fusion. I am allergic too pineapple and chocolate thus, making it hard too find shakes without pineapple

Excited too try

I miss my fresh fruity summer shakes , I was soo happy too see this strawberry blast. I am allergic too pineapple and chocolate

Strawberry meal replacement

Terrible!! Very chalky tasting!!! I will stick with the creamsicle!!!

Missin' you.........!

This is my favorite bar, but it's been "sold out for MONTHS!! And I'm dyin' heeaah! Will it EVER return???


Great drink on a cool day. I prefer the flavored, but still yummy!


One of my favorites!


My go to morning drink!


This is my go to morning drink!

Spicy Cheese Pasta
Stephanie M.
Not bad for a hot meal, but....

The flavor isn't too bad for a hot meal. My complaint is that it overflows in the microwave, even if you cut each of the two cooking times in half. It's a mess.

The Bomb

This is the I was very skeptical. So delicious

Grape Drink

I was so excited to try this as I LOVE the other did not taste grape-y. It was a protein/chemical taste. I believe I must have gotten a bad batch, but you have been forewarned.

Caramel Crunch

Delicious. Tastes like a candy bar.

Cinnamon Bun Shake

Received this one as a sample thankfully I did not order a box. Tastes like the milk in your cereal bowl from Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Yuck. 1st shake I have not likes so far.

Salted Caramel Shake

Not my favorite. Not bad each to their own but I will not be ordering again.

Chocolate Almond Bar

I think I received this one as a sample and most definitely will be buying again. Delicious.

Good flavor but.....

I purchased these recently and like others tried everything to mix to make a pudding and it remains runny, lumpy, and does not thicken in spite of reduction of water. Sorry that I wasted my money purchasing this product.