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Creamy cheesecake

Not bad. Received a packet as a sample. It's decent however I would not purchase on my own.

Great banana flavor

Far better flavor then other banana flavored product! Will buy again

Why did I not know about this?

I got this as a sample in this month’s order. Why have I not tried this before??? I am planning in mixing this as pudding, adding some fat free cool whip and freezing it. I can imagine it tasting like a raspberry pudding pop!

Not my Fav

I love that 'banana' flavor even if some think it's an artificial banana taste (like those banana candy chews we used to get as kids) ... love that. However, these "tropical banana" flavor isn't quite the same. I'm not sure if there's a coconut flavor or what, but to me it's not as pleasant as the regular banana taste I've had in other protein shakes. I knew it was different as soon as I opened it as it was more white than yellow. I probably won't get this flavor again but it's tolerable to finish what I've ordered.

Satisfies salty cravings

I tried the ranch chips. Good, satisfies the craving for chips.

Hot Chocolate

Was pleasantly surprised by the hot chocolate. I have tried some low cal hot chocolate before and it was not good! This was good and satisfied my chocolate craving.

Divine Peanut Butter Bar

I wasn't sure if I would like this bar. It is extremely good! If you are having that peanut butter craving, this will satisfy it!

Rocky Road = Baby Ruth

Oh my... this bar reminds me of a Baby Ruth candy bar! I love it. Stay true to my diet and feel like I am cheeting.

Tastes great!

I had gotten this shake as a sample and I love it! I think it tastes like trix cereal.


I added chicken, mushrooms, and broccoli. Sometimes it's more than I can eat in one sitting.


Great meal with a little chicken breast and veggie next to it.


This is my favorite on a cold afternoon to warm me up and satisfies my sweet tooth.

Good, but tricky to cook

I love this soup, but I have problems with it boiling over.


Yummy, filling snack for between meals.

If you like dark chocolate this will be a hit with you. Not sure I will buy again

Good minty flavor

Very tasty bar! Reminds me of Thin Mints


One of my favorite bars so far!

Crunchy salty

If you need a salty crunchy snack this will satisfy your cravings! Perhaps a little too salty but I really liked them. I recommend these!!

Great taste-great value

I have purchased bars from pricey weight loss programs for the past three years. These bars taste exactly the same at a fraction of the cost!

Gooey caramel

This is one of my favorite bars! The top layer is a soft, gooey caramel and then the bottom is like a cookie crunch; perfect combination!


This shake is very good and very chocolatey! I add more than the recommended amount of water because I don't like it thinned out a little.

Great crunch

Great crunchy snack when you are craving chips or crackers.

Perfect summer bar!

Strawberry shortcake is my new summer time favorite! I needed a break from chocolate and this was the one! Love this bar!

Soothing Mint

This is my favorite bar. It is light and soothing making it the perfect evening snack!


Nice alternative to regular pancakes. Quick and easy to prepare.