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My husband and I are very pleased with our weight loss journey. In eight months he has lost 125 pounds and I have lost 45 pounds. We are on a weight loss plan with medical supervision. We love to use the products from Ambari! They are high quality and delicious! We love the protein fruit drinks. We usually have two a day. Then we will choose between the protein bars (you can’t go wrong with any of them and they have a wonderful selection), pasta, chips or soups (love the chicken soup)! One thing we never forget is to be consistent with their Ensulate powder. This fiber is not too dramatic but helps you be “regular” in a good way!

I will be honest with you when I tell you that what got me looking was the incredible cost savings of all the supplements. We know our journey is not a short one so we have to make sure we spend wisely. I recommend Ambari to everyone that asks what we are doing. And people are noticing the difference!

If you were to ask us a year ago if we thought we would be able to see this weight loss, we would have probably said “I doubt it!” But we decided to go all in. That is the hard part. We got help and now we are on our way to reach our goals.

This has impacted our lives in such a positive way. My husband being a Pentecostal Preacher is on fire for God! He has that desire to do more and reach more and is willing to do whatever it takes to take back what he lost years ago: his health! I love being able to wear those dresses that for so long have been neatly packed away waiting for a day like today.

If I could leave you with one thing, that would be do not hesitate! Rekindle that desire of renewal within your heart and take action today. You will certainly thank yourself for it as you step into a new you!

Best wishes, Charles and Maria


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