Medical Weight Loss Products

AmBari Nutrition Products were originally designed and created for Medical Weight Loss. For over 30 years these products have been helping millions lose weight in Commercial & Medical Weight Loss Clinics. 

Many of the products you see on our website are sold in franchised weight loss clinics. These franchise clinics are great places to start your diet. But the cost of running these clinics and paying the medical staff is the reason their products have become priced so high. Many of the customers/patients from these clinics eventually leave the program but still have the knowledge of how to stick to the diet. Those are the people that have become our biggest customers and fans. We offer the same products as those clinics but we can have such low prices on the products because we don't have to pay for a medical staff. Those savings get passed on to you, the customer.

So, if you're looking for an alternative for your expensive health food, you've come to the right place! Browse our great selection of protein barsshakes, and other high quality medical weight loss products. Each product provides complete, high-quality proteins, to help ensure you meet your dietary protein needs and helps curb your appetite for better compliance even when you're restricting calories.