The Best Bariatric Store Online: Why Is AmBari Nutrition the Best Bariatric Store?

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For those undergoing bariatric surgery, finding the right nutritional products pre and post-op can seem daunting. Strict diets and changing absorption abilities require specialized shakes, foods, vitamins and more. That’s why AmBari Nutrition has become the go-to online store for bariatric patients. Offering over 500 bariatric-friendly products backed by medical expertise, AmBari provides the customized nutrition bariatric customers need for a smooth surgery journey.

AmBari is the best online bariatric food and supplements store, and we'll explain why. Whether you’re preparing for surgery or adjusting to life after bariatric procedures, AmBari offers the convenient, specialized service bariatric patients count on. Read on to learn why AmBari is changing the game for bariatric e-commerce and nutritional care.

Catering to Every Bariatric Need

What truly sets AmBari apart is its vast selection of products specifically designed for every type of bariatric diet. For pre-op diets like Very Low Calorie (VLC), AmBari offers an array of delicious, nutritious meal replacements like soups, shakes, and  bars that aid rapid weight loss before surgery.

Post-op customers can find products that cater to gastric bypass and gastric sleeve limitations, from soft, easy-to-swallow high protein bariatric foods to complete vitamin regimens. The AmBari Nutrition store carries over 300 high protein offerings, critical for maintaining muscle mass after weight loss surgery. The store also provides bariatric-friendly snacks and sweet treats modified for post-op diets so customers don't feel deprived.

Best Bariatric Foods & Vitamins According to the Customers

AmBari is constantly adding new items and removing items from the store that are consistently getting negative reviews and feedback. Customers that have had bariatric surgery are always giving insights into the products they like or dislike.


The products are always the best that are available from not only AmBari Nutrition, but from all the other top bariatric food brands out there including:






Product Range



Best Sellers


american bariatrics logo

American Bariatrics

High protein drinks and bars, plus a free online bariatric support group

35g Meal Replacement Shakes

Divine Peanut Butter Bar

bariatric advantage logo

Bariatric Advantage

Vitamins and supplements tailored 100% for bariatric patients

500 mg Calcium Chewy Bites

High Protein Meal Replacement Shakes

celebrate nutrition logo

Celebrate Vitamins

Broad spectrum of vitamins and supplements also created specifically for bariatric patients

Calcium PLUS Chewables

30mg Iron Chewables

chike nutrition logo

Chike Nutrition

High protein iced coffees shakes for weight loss Chike High Protein Iced Coffee Powders
chocorite healthsmart logo

Chocorite Healthsmart

Low carb, sugar free chocolates and snacks

Chocorite Sugar-Free Shakes

Chocorite Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars

doctors designs brand

Doctors Designs

Weight management supplements

Thermocaps Herbal Supplement

Cleansing Herbs Tea

new direction weight loss logo

New Direction

High protein meal replacements 

Cookies n Cream Meal Replacement Shake

Cheeseburger Soup Meal Replacement

numetra weight loss logo


High protein medical weight loss products

Chocolate Banana Frappe Shake

Buffalo Chicken Meal Replacement Soup

proti-diet products logo


Protein rich foods, bars, shakes, and snacks

Banana Bread Protein Bar

Key Lime Pie Wafer Protein Bar

proti-vlc by bariatrix logo

Proti-VLC (by Bariatrix)

High protein, low calorie weight loss foods, bars, and shakes

Proti Wafer Protein Squares

Salted Toffee Pretzel Protein Bar

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Store Supervised by a Bariatric Physician


bariatric physician doctor kevin huffman

The backbone of AmBari Nutrition's credibility is the supervision by a bariatric physician, Dr. Kevin Huffman. This medical oversight underscores the effectiveness and safety of the products offered in the store. Dr. Huffman is a bariatric physician with years of in-clinic experience working with pre and post-op bariatric patients, so he understands the struggles they go through and what they need to guide them to a better post op experience.

The Best Customer Support

AmBari Nutrition's bariatric store isn't just about selling products; it's about forming a community. The AmBari customer service team is extremely friendly and will assist you in finding the right products, steering you towards the best sellers, and filling you in on new products or upcoming products in the store. Give them a call at 888-444-7120 and you'll likely be greeted by Gina or Sue!

Valuable Bariatric Blog

In addition to its nutritional offerings, AmBari provides in-depth education through its bariatric blog and general weight loss blog. Updated regularly by experts, the blog covers topics like preparing for surgery, post-op diet advice, dealing with side effects, recipe ideas, and more.

Customers can access a wealth of articles, infographics, and videos tailored to their bariatric procedure. The blog helps pre and post-op patients navigate their journey with practical guidance at each stage. It demonstrates AmBari’s dedication to supporting customers beyond just selling quality products.


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With direct medical supervision, a vast range of tailored products, and excellent customer service, AmBari Nutrition has cemented itself as the premier online bariatric store. By catering to all nutritional needs before and after surgery, AmBari helps bariatric patients stay on track with their diet and reach their goals. Those undergoing bariatric procedures can shop with confidence knowing AmBari offers safe, delicious products designed for their changing bodies. Thanks to AmBari’s specialized approach, the path to bariatric success just got more convenient.

Writer: Allison

Allison is a seasoned nutritionist and writer with over 15 years in health and weight management. She's authored journals on medical weight loss and bariatric medicine, and has specialized in bariatric foods.

Reviewed By: Dr. K. Huffman

Dr. Kevin D. Huffman, D.O., is a board-certified bariatric physician renowned for his expertise in treating obesity. With over 10,000 patients and a reputation as a national leader in bariatric medicine, he has trained hundreds of healthcare providers. Dr. Huffman develops protocols and training materials sought after by medical societies, pharmaceutical companies, patients, and hospitals.