Bariatric Products: Foods & Supplies For After Surgery

bariatric products: food and supplements for after surgery

Bariatric surgery is on the rise as an effective treatment for clinically severe obesity. Also known as weight loss surgery, these procedures like gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy help people achieve significant weight reduction.

However, bariatric surgery is just one component of the weight loss process. Making lifestyle changes and using specialized bariatric products can ensure patients meet their post-surgery nutrition, exercise, and health goals.

This article explores the key types of bariatric products available to improve outcomes and quality of life after weight loss surgery.

Types of Bariatric Products

Recommended Bariatric Foods and Beverages

Bariatric patients have unique nutritional needs. The reduced stomach capacity and digestive changes require foods and beverages that are:

  • High protein - Shakes, drinks, powders to help meet daily protein goals. Vital for maintaining muscle mass.
  • Pre-mixed protein drinks - Convenient pre-made liquid meals and shakes. Easy to digest.
  • Low sugar protein bars - For snacking between meals. Curb hunger and sweet cravings.
  • Soft, moist proteins - Eggs, tuna, cottage cheese, refried beans. Gentle foods patients can tolerate.
  • Pureed and souplike foods - Allows nutrients to be absorbed slowly over time.
  • Non-carbonated beverages - Avoid gas, bloating, and dumping syndrome. Stick to water, unsweetened teas.

Meal planning and preparation are key. Check out some bariatric-friendly recipes if you enjoy cooking.

best bariatric protein bars you can buy online

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Bariatric Supplements

Due to reduced food intake and nutrient malabsorption after bariatric surgery, patients need to take supplements to prevent nutritional deficiencies. 

bariatric one a day multivitamin
  • Multivitamins - Should contain iron, folic acid, thiamine, zinc, copper, selenium, vitamins A, D, E, K. Most patients need to take multivitamins lifelong after surgery. There are a few great bariatric multivitamins available made specifically for post-op patients.
  • Calcium citrate - Up to 1200-1500mg daily divided into 500-600mg doses. Calcium is essential for bone health and can help prevent osteoporosis. Take with vitamin D for improved calcium absorption.
  • Vitamin B12 - Injectable or sublingual supplements are recommended as vitamin B12 absorption can be impaired after bariatric surgeries. Severe B12 deficiency can cause anemia and permanent nerve damage if left untreated.
  • Iron - Anemia is a common side effect after surgery. Liquid iron supplements are easiest to absorb, taken on an empty stomach. Iron levels should be monitored every 3 months.
  • Vitamin D3 - Crucial for bone health and immunity. The Endocrine Society recommends vitamin D supplementation of 3000-6000 IU per day.
  • Probiotics - Can improve digestion and gut health after surgery. Look for broad spectrum probiotic supplements with strains like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

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Useful Bariatric Equipment

Bariatric equipment improves quality of life after weight loss surgery by aiding in portion control, food tracking, comfort, mobility, and increased activity levels. Here's some items that will come in handy:

Portion Control Small plates Measuring cups Portion control containers Food scales Adjustable dinnerware Sectioned plates
Activity Monitoring Pedometers Fitness trackers Heart rate monitors Resistance bands Yoga straps Pool noodles
Mobility Aids Canes Walking sticks Knee scooters Standing wheelchairs Crutches Walker bags
Comfort Items Bariatric beds Pressure relief mattresses Bed rails Lift chairs Swivel recliners Lumbar cushions
Bathroom Aids Elevated toilet seats Bariatric commodes Shower chairs Bath benches Grab bars Handheld showers
Exercise Equipment Recumbent bikes Ellipticals Resistance machines Balance boards Light weights
Daily Living Aids Reachers Dressing aids Long handled tools Robotic vacuums
Transportation Vehicle ramps Swivel seats Extended seatbelts Travel scooters Disability placards
Therapeutic Apparel Compression stockings Back supports Therapeutic shoes Ankle braces Post-op abdominal binders
Orthopedic Items Joint braces Gel insoles Heel cups Orthotic inserts Bunion splints

Clothing and Post-Surgery Garments

bariatric clothing

The right clothing can make the bariatric journey more comfortable. Shop for practical pieces that support your changing body through each stage of weight loss and increased mobility:

  • Post-op abdominal binders - Provide abdominal support and improve comfort during initial healing and activity. Reduce risk of hernias.
  • Compression garments - Help manage swelling, stimulate blood flow, and encourage healing. Used on arms, legs and torso after surgery.
  • Smaller-sized clothing - Buying clothes in progressive smaller sizes ensures proper fit during rapid weight loss phases. Boosts confidence.
  • Sturdy, lightweight exercise clothes - Activewear made from breathable technical fabrics allows mobility during workouts as fitness levels improve.
  • Anti-chafing products - Chafing creams, powders or bands protect skin from irritation during increased physical activity.
  • Rash guards and swimwear - Help overweight patients be active and comfortable in water aerobics or swimming exercise.


Bariatric surgery kickstarts the weight loss process, but specialized products help patients overcome unique nutritional, mobility, and lifestyle challenges post-op. The right bariatric foods, supplements, equipment, and clothing improve outcomes by promoting healthy behaviors for long-term success. Work closely with your bariatric team to create a plan including the bariatric products that you'll likely need. And then shop around comparing prices and product reviews online. Good luck with your new post-op life!!

Writer: Allison

Allison is a seasoned nutritionist and writer with over 15 years in health and weight management. She's authored journals on medical weight loss and bariatric medicine, and has specialized in bariatric foods.

Reviewed By: Dr. K. Huffman

Dr. Kevin D. Huffman, D.O., is a board-certified bariatric physician renowned for his expertise in treating obesity. With over 10,000 patients and a reputation as a national leader in bariatric medicine, he has trained hundreds of healthcare providers. Dr. Huffman develops protocols and training materials sought after by medical societies, pharmaceutical companies, patients, and hospitals.