Frequently Asked Questions Here's a few questions that we get asked all the time by our customers 1. How can I add to an order that I already submitted? - Once an order has been completed, we cannot add to an order because we can't authorize any more money to be spent on that credit card. The best thing to do if you want to add to an order that you have already placed is to just place a second order, and write in the Order Notes to add to order XXXX and please remove this shipping cost. 2. Do we store Credit Card information? - No, we do NOT. Once your credit card is processed through our site, we do not have access to that information. Even if you keep your credit card information saved on our site we still do not have any way to access it. 3. Why do the product wrappers not match the names on the product boxes? Some of the products that we carry have a different name on the box than on the actual wrapper. We are in the process of getting all the names to match, but until then, we have bar names that do not correspond to the boxes. Here is a guide for those Bars: Wrapper Name = Box Name Rich Chocolate Caramel = Chocolate Caramel Wafer Chocolate Nutty Almond = Chocolate Almond Wafer Dark Chocolate Marshmallow = S'mores Chocolate Crispy Shortbread = Vanilla Shortbread Vanilla Caramel = White Chocolate Caramel Peanut Butter Crisp = Peanut Butter Patty ChocoMint = Peppermint Patty Zesty Lemon = Frosted Lemon Meringue Marshmallow Chocolate Cookie = Frosted Marshmallow Brownie Creamy Peanut Butter = Frosted Peanut Butter Dark Cocoa Cream = Chocolate Brownie Cocomint Cream = Chocolate Chill Chocolate Cream = Milk Chocolate 4. Does AmBari only Ship within the US? We also ship to Canada. We can ship to other countries, but those orders must be called in so we can discuss shipping options over the phone with you. 5. Why does the Tracking Information say "This tracking number cannot be found"? When we print out the Shipping Label for FedEx or USPS during the day, our system automatically emails the customer their tracking information. But since our packages don't get picked up from our warehouse until 4pm. EST, there is a few hours that the package will not be in the USPS or FedEx system yet.


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