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Protein Bars

Here you'll find AmBari Nutrition's collection of protein bars. This wide variety of flavors is sure to contain your new favorite bar! Our protein bars range from 10g to 15g of protein per bar, and the calories range from 130-170 per bar. Compare our bars to the typical protein bars that you find in the store and you'll see why our bars are unmatched in taste, nutrition, and price!

Not sure where to start? Try our 15g Variety Pack or our 10g Sampler Pack.

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10g Protein Bars Sampler Pack Almond Coconut Bars - VLC Variety Pack Protein Bars
Caramel Brownie Protein Bars Caramel Crunch Protein Bars Caramel Nut Protein Bars
Caramel Brownie Bars
$11.99 - 7 bars
Caramel Crunch Bars
$11.99 - 7 bars
Caramel Nut Bars
$11.99 - 7 bars
AmBari Nutrition Caramel Pecan Patty Protein Bars AmBari Nutrition Chocolate Almond Wafer Protein Bars AmBari Nutrition Chocolate Caramel Wafer Protein Bars
Caramel Pecan Patty
$11.45 - 7 bars
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar Chocolate Peanut Dream Crispy Protein Bars AmBari Nutrition Cinnamon Crisp Protein Bars
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar
$11.95 - per 7 serving box
Chocolate PEANUT Dream
$11.99 - 7 bars
Cinnamon Crisp Bars
$11.95 - 7 bars
AmBari Nutrition Cinnamon Oatmeal Patty Snack Bars Fluffy Nutter Bars - VLC Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Bars - VLC
Cinnamon Oatmeal Patty
$11.45 - 7 bars
AmBari Nutrition Frosted Lemon Meringue Protein Bars AmBari Nutrition Frosted Marshmallow Brownie Snack Bars AmBari Nutrition Frosted Peanut Butter Snack Bars
Frosted Lemon Meringue
$11.45 - 7 bars
Frosted Peanut Butter Bars
$10.15 - 7 bars
You save $1.30!
AmBari Nutrition Fudge Graham Protein Bars INSULATED SHIPPING CONTAINER AmBari Nutrition Mint Cocoa Protein Bars
Fudge Graham Bars
$11.95 - 7 bars
Mint Cocoa Bars
$11.95 - 7 bars
Oatmeal Raisin Protein Cookie Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Bars Peanut Butter and Jelly Crispy Protein Bars
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
$11.99 - 7 cookies
Peanut Butter Protein Bars Peanut Butter Crunch Protein Bars AmBari Nutrition Peanut Butter Patty Protein Bars
Peanut Butter Bars
$11.99 - 7 bars
Peanut Butter Patty
$11.45 - 7 bars
AmBari Nutrition Peanut Butter Pretzel Snack Bars Peanut Crisp Meal Replacement Protein Bars AmBari Nutrition Peppermint Patty Snack Bars
Peanut Crisp Bars
$11.95 - 7 bars
Peppermint Patty
$11.45 - 7 bars
Proti Wafer Squares ProtiDiet Chocolate Dream Protein Bar Rockie Road Protein Bar
PROTI Wafer Squares
$12.50 - 5 bars
Rockie Road Bar
$11.99 - 7 servings
AmBari Nutrition S'mores Chocolate Protein Bars Salted Toffee Pretzel Bars - VLC Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Bars
Strawberry Shortcake Bars - VLC Vanilla Shortbread Bar Vanilla Caramel Crisp Protein Bar
White Chocolate Caramel Bars
$10.45 - 7 bars
You save $1.50!

Our protein bars are used for weight loss, muscle gain, overall better nutrition, and as substitutes for snacking on unhealthy products. These bars are also used in Medical Weight Loss diets that require meal replacement bars.