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Meal Replacements

AmBari Nutrition makes meal replacement bars and shakes that are designed to help meet the daily amount of vitamins and minerals that are usually deprived in low-calorie diets. Each meal replacement has 15g Protein and 17-24 Vitamins & Minerals.

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Variety Pack Protein Bars Berry Yogurt Protein Smoothie 15g Mocha Protein Shake
Berry Fusion Smoothie
$11.45 - 7 servings
Cafe Mocha Shake
$11.45 - 7 servings
AmBari Nutrition Chocolate Almond Wafer Protein Bars 15g Dark Chocolate Protein Shake AmBari Nutrition Chocolate Caramel Wafer Protein Bars
Chocolate Brownie Shake
$11.45 - 7 servings
Chocolate Mint Protein Shake AmBari Nutrition Cinnamon Crisp Protein Bars Fluffy Nutter Bars - VLC
Chocolate Chill Mint Shake
$11.45 - 7 servings
Cinnamon Crisp Bars
$11.95 - 7 bars
Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Bars - VLC Vanilla Protein Shake AmBari Nutrition Fudge Graham Protein Bars
French Vanilla Shake
$11.45 - 7 servings
Fudge Graham Bars
$10.45 - 7 bars
You save $1.50!
Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Shake Chocolate Protein Shake AmBari Nutrition Mint Cocoa Protein Bars
Hazelnut Cocoa Shake
$11.45 - 7 servings
Milk Chocolate Shake
$11.45 - 7 servings
Mint Cocoa Bars
$11.95 - 7 bars
Peanut Crisp Meal Replacement Protein Bars AmBari Nutrition S'mores Chocolate Protein Bars Salted Toffee Pretzel Bars - VLC
Peanut Crisp Bars
$11.95 - 7 bars
Protein Shake Variety Pack AmBari Nutrition Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie Vanilla Shortbread Bar
SHAKES - 15g Variety Pack
$11.45 - 7 servings
Strawberry Blast Smoothie
$11.45 - 7 servings
Vanilla Caramel Crisp Protein Bar